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 terms & conditions  privacy statement   . RIO DE JANEIRO (AFP).- Brazil just found its biggest ever dinosaur -- in a storage cupboard. In its prime, more than 66 million years ago, this long necked herbivore was 25 meters (82 feet) long -- longer than an articulated bus -- and could chomp through trees at a terrifying rate. By the time the creature was found by renowned Brazilian paleontologist Llewellyn Ivor Price in 1953, only a few hefty, fossilized bits of the spine remained. Researchers knew immediately they'd stumbled on something big. They didn't have the staff or resources to figure out how big, however, so the dinosaur pieces languished the next six decades in storage at Rio's ornate Museum of Earth Sciences. Until now. Brazil's biggest dinosaur found after passing 60 years in cupboard  A glittering new addition to Sacramento’s downtown, the Golden 1 Center opened 4th October 2016 with a decidedly old-school Paul McCartney concert. Don’t let the nostalgic opener fool you; this $557 million, 17,500-seat multi-use arena, which serves as the home of the NBA’s Sacramento Kings as well as a year-round event venue, offers a convincing vision of the future of stadium design. Golden 1, the most high-tech arena in America Berlin art dealer 'surprises' museums with gift of house Heiner Bastian has donated his  David Chipperfield-designed gallery for use as an educational centre