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Stephen Ditko, Spider-Man co-creator, dies at 90

On 8 July 2018, the Marvel family mourned the loss of Steve Ditko. Steve transformed the industry and the Marvel Universe, and his legacy will never be forgotten," Marvel Entertainment President Dan Buckley said in a statement Saturday. Ditko, a reclusive figure who is thought to have never married, had left Marvel by 1966, reportedly due to a disagreement with Lee. He went on to work for other publishers -- including DC Comics, where he created characters such as The Creeper -- but did draw for Marvel again from in 1979. "Of course, he is best known for co-creating Spider-Man but he also ushered in a slew of unique, very personal and eclectic characters for DC such as the Question, Blue Beetle, Hawk and Dove and more," said DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee on Twitter. .

The Frame TV, a work of art

The kitchen may be the heart of the home — but these days, I’d argue, the TV is often the focal or gathering point. Even if binge-watching series is as close as you get to a hobby, you may want a huge TV that doesn’t dominate the room when it’s not in use. For this, you couldn’t do better than Samsung’s The Frame TV. The Frame is designed to look like an artwork on your wall when it’s not in TV mode. It achieves this camouflage in a few clever ways. The standard thin bezel looks like a black frame, and this can be altered with interchangeable pieces that snap on and off with magnets, so you can mimic the look of a wooden or white frame, for example. When in this art-display mode, the screen can also be set to display a colour-customised virtual mounting board around the art. .

Roy Lichtenstein-inspired pop art murals at Wall Sauce

How about this for impact? Even better, these Roy Lichtenstein-inspired pop art murals at Wall Sauce fit pretty much any wall. That’s because the murals are all made to measure. So just stick in the size you need (height and width) and you can get one to fit the space. Just as long as it’s a traditional space you are dealing with. The imagery is very much in keeping with the comic book artwork of Roy Lichtenstein and the maker / seller makes no claim about them having a connection to the iconic pop artist. What you are getting is art that has the look and the impact of Roy Lichtenstein pieces. In a way, it might be preferable, as so many of the Lichtenstein pieces have been seen so many times that they do lose a little bit of impact from familiarity.

Ethiopia claims Ten Commandments tablet hidden in Westminster Abbey

.The Ethiopian government is calling for the restitution of a sacred object that is sealed inside an altar in London’s Westminster Abbey. The object, known as a tabot, is a tablet that symbolically represents the Ark of the Covenant and the Ten Commandments. Every Ethiopian church houses a covered tabot, which is regarded as sacrosanct and must be seen only by the priest. The tablets, which are made of wood or stone, are believed to be inscribed with a cross and the name of a saint. Westminster Abbey’s tabot was looted at the battle of Maqdala (formerly Magdala) in 1868, when British troops attacked the forces of the Ethiopian emperor Tewodros. The tabot was acquired by Captain George Arbuthnot of the Royal Artillery. .

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