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Nigerian Contemporary Art Booms

Great Escapes: Lille, Named the 2020 World Capital of Design, is an Art-Lover’s Dream

For those who haven’t been keeping an eye on the northern French city of Lille, the fact that it was announced to be 2020’s World Capital of Design by the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design might come as a shock. But this industrial town—long overshadowed by neighboring Paris and Brussels, both just an hour away—has been quietly coming into its own. A slew of restaurants, hotels, galleries, and shops have opened up, and industrial zones have been revamped and filled with art.

Historically, Lille has been a working class town, and walking through the city can feel like wandering through a village, in the best way possible. Forget clichés of uptight Parisians: In Lille, it’s easy to strike up conversations with locals over pints of beer and to come away from your holidays with a slew of new friends.


Cycle ride through the art and craft villages in 10 districts of Kerala flagged off

The ride is part of ninth edition of the annual art and craft festival organised by Sargaalaya, the art and craft village in Iringal, Kozhikode
Dinesh K is the CEO of a software company. But for the next seven days, he leads a team of seven cyclists through 10 districts in Kerala, covering over 630 kilometres. They are members of Vatakara Riders, from Vadakara in Kozhikode district. Their mission: rediscovering the art and culture of Kerala through cycling.

The ride is a prelude to the ninth edition of the annual art and craft festival organised by Sargaalaya, the art and craft village in Iringal, Kozhikode. The village has been developed and operated by Uralungal Labour Contract Cooperative Society Ltd (ULCCS), the oldest and biggest labour cooperative in Asia.

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Predictions for Art in the 2020s

Predictions, like science fiction tales, always say more about what’s already happened than about the future itself. H.G. Wells’s 1898 novel The War of the Worlds offered more insight into the threats of British imperialism than the potential for an alien invasion. Psychics and tarot card readers feed off the people in front of them, offering interpretations of their clients’ demeanors and reactions.
My guesses about how the art world will change over the next decade similarly reflect what I’m already hearing and seeing now, at the end of 2019. Drawing on the news and opinions that have recently pervaded galleries, museums, and my own conversations with artists and academics, I’m anticipating changes large and small that will ripple throughout the industry. These informed speculations reflect some widely held desires and fears for where the art world is headed—and prove more likely than extraterrestrial takeovers.