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Nigerian Contemporary Art Booms

The Top 5 Destinations for Art and Design Lovers in February 2020

This February, there are a host of exciting art and design fairs in destinations ranging from California to Europe and even South Africa. The cult-favorite Nomad design showcase is returning to its original home in St. Moritz, where an elite group of designers will present their work in a 16th-century mansion. Meanwhile, Stockholm Design Week and Art Rotterdam Week provide two more incentives to travel to northern Europe. Palm Springs Modernism Week returns to the desert of southern California, while Art Palm Springs and Art Los Angeles Contemporary offer even more reasons to visit the West Coast. Finally, the Investec Cape Town Art Fair will give art lovers an opportunity to discover leading African artists while soaking up the sun in beautiful Cape Town.


The Persian poet, Dutch art detective — and Iranian agents

Amsterdam — A stolen 15th-century book by the famed Persian poet Hafez has been recovered by a Dutch art detective after an international “race against time” that drew the alleged interest of Iran’s secret service.

The gold-leafed volume, worth about €1m ($1.1m), was found missing from the collection of an Iranian antiques dealer after his death in Germany in 2007. It sparked a decade-long search for one of the oldest surviving copies of the Divan of Hafez — the collected works of the poet who remains extremely popular in Iran and has inspired artists worldwide.


Futuristic PS5 Fan Design Is so Stylish

As anticipation hots up for the launch of Sony's PS5 next-gen console later in 2020, we're gathering together all the best PlayStation 5 information that we know already, which is actually a lot, as well as all the freshest leaks, rumours, news and gossip. Here at T3 we can't wait to get our hands on the PS5 and as each new announcement reveals more about the system our excitement increases.

And, from everything we've heard so far, the PlayStation 5 is going to absolutely blow gamers away with its top-level specs and eye-catching design, though nothing is certain until Sony makes the console official. Right now, at the start of 2020, that looks like it could take place within a matter of months, so we really are approaching crunch time.