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Nigerian Contemporary Art Booms

Nigerian Contemporary art Boomsl


First there was Tutu, the “African Mona Lisa” sold last year for 1.5 million dollars. Then a second portrait by revered Nigerian painter Ben Enwonwu, called Christine, sold in mid-October, for 1.4 million dollars.Both record sales of famous works by the late “father of African modernism”, captured the emergence of Nigeria’s art market. A decade ago, major African artists were largely absent from international auctions. But the continent is now a major attraction in contemporary and modern art



‘The Chinese Art Market rises.

IWith the auction market in the People’s Republic of China just 25 years old, in global terms the Chinese art market is just emerging from its infancy. Though what a development it has had in those years already: now among the top three largest art markets in the world – accounting for 19% of sales by value, or a total of $12.9 billion – it follows behind only the US (44%) and the UK (21%).


White Rabbit Gallery Celebrates 10 Years

In the 10 years since Chippendale’s White Rabbit Gallery opened, it has become one of Australia’s most celebrated exhibitors of contemporary Chinese art. Then, the gallery’s latest exhibition, celebrates a decade of bringing that art genre to Sydney. It’s not a debut, but a return. The exhibition will showcase more than 60 key pieces from the gallery’s first shows in 2009 and 2010, in the hopes that visitors will view the works in a new light.