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Nigerian Contemporary Art Booms

A fragment of purple fabric excavated from the Timna Valley, in southern Israel.

ancient ‘Royal Purple’ found in Israel

archaeologists working in the Timma Valley in Southern Israel have discovered the remains of a fabric that was coloured in royal purple.

This was the first time an example of this expensive and rare colouring has been discovered. It was apparently preserved because of the area’s dry climate.

This ancient purple was reknown for its ability to hold its colour for long period of times. According to radio carbon testing the fabric was 3,000 years old.

Purple was extremely rare because it was produced in small amounts from a gland inside the mollusks found in the Mediterranean Sea. Each gland produced the equivalent of a single drop of the dye and according to reports it took about four million mollusks to produce a pound of dye.


French-Swiss artist Saype has chosen Cape town to host the ninth stage of his global 'Beyond Walls' project, in which he paints giant frescoes on grass

Cape Town goes Beyond walls 

In the current context of the COVID-19 pandemic, as South Africa is in the international spotlight, French-Swiss artist Saype chooses to present a fraternal vision in three neighbourhoods in Sea Point, in the city of Cape Town. The current crisis reinforces Saype’s optimistic will to present these universal frescos of benevolence and togetherness.


Three frescoes were created using approximately 1000 liters of biodegradable pigments made out of charcoal, chalk, water and milk proteins. The “Beyond Walls” project aims at creating the largest symbolic human chain around the world.


In Cape Town this step was motivated by the country’s persisting need for reunification. Three frescoes representing widely different populations and realities within the city were created in Sea Point (6000 Sq. m), the Philippi township (800 Sq. m) and the Langa township (800 Sq. m).

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