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Nigerian Contemporary Art Booms

​Photograph Courtesy Mug-Shot Productions

"Sun Ra: A Joyful "the musician speaks of the limitations of earthly creation and the creative power that comes from outer space.

The prevalence of documentaries about musicians is a curse, because most of these films do a terrible job of showcasing music. One rare and moving exception is the work of the director Robert Mugge, whose film “Sun Ra: A Joyful Noise”—about the musician and bandleader whose multimedia and pan-cultural activities made him one of the prime artists of Afrofuturism—is one of the most satisfying musical portraits I’ve ever seen. (It is streaming on SnagFilms and Amazon.) The film’s revelatory perspectives on Sun Ra’s work arise not only from the filmmaker’s analytical understanding of it, and the discussions that he films with Sun Ra and other members of the band, but also from his approach to filming music itself, in rehearsal and concert.


Photo: Getty Museum

Lockdown art challenge: Where real life mimics the greats :What are you waiting for? Strike a pose!

A reminder to hang in there. In this period of social distancing, there’s no denying the need to get a little creative at home…

Perfectly timed with our one-week countdown, there is a museum-worthy, fine art-themed challenge doing the rounds courtesy of Twitter. Better yet, it’s fun DIY (not the mammoth list of real household tasks kind of DIY).

­For those who don’t know too much about art, no need to worry. This challenge is more centred on life imitating art, and the good news is that everyone’s invited to join in the fun.

­As museums recently closed their doors around the globe due to the coronavirus pandemic, the J. Paul Getty Museum has suggested people get off the couch and get creative for some much-needed laughs and a whole lot of “likes”.


Tanghua Architect & Associates

Shenzhen International Art Design Center (iADC) Art Arcade

Invited by ManJingHua Investments Group and Rocco Design, Tanghua Architect & Associates is appointed to design one of the art arcades of the international Art Design Center (iADC) art town. The architecture, which is unpretentious in its existence, locates to the north of art town museum designed by Rocco Yim. It is on the east side of the central pedestrian street, accommodating retail stores, cafes and artist studios.

The orderly and systematic urban planning of the art town ensures efficient transportation with a winding central pedestrian connecting to three blocks. Our design seeks to instigate a sense of mystery and even melancholy in this pedestrian, reminiscent of the work of Chirico Giorgio de, where fading afternoon light intruding into the almost empty street.“