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new cultural hub in Estonia opens

The Kai Art Center takes over the massive heritage site on the waterfront of the capital city of Tallinn and will host exhibitions, classes, events, and the city’s annual art fair. The multi-purpose space will also host residencies and workshops. It opens to the public Friday, September 20 2019


‘Not African Enough’ .

In a challenge to African stereotypes, the Nest Collective has issued their second book, ‘Not African Enough,’ which profiles the wide range of creative forces that define African fashion. In the first chapter, Joy Mboya, the director of the GoDown Arts Centre in Nairobi, unpacks Kenyan national identity and how it relates to art. In particular, a 2004 project titled Sunlight Quest for a National Dress is described as an attempt to create recognisable symbols of identity through fashion.


White Rabbit Gallery Celebrates 10 Years

In the 10 years since Chippendale’s White Rabbit Gallery opened, it has become one of Australia’s most celebrated exhibitors of contemporary Chinese art. Then, the gallery’s latest exhibition, celebrates a decade of bringing that art genre to Sydney. It’s not a debut, but a return. The exhibition will showcase more than 60 key pieces from the gallery’s first shows in 2009 and 2010, in the hopes that visitors will view the works in a new light.