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Why Is AI Art?

If we can imagine a painter in the 1500s groaning about having to create an effectively airbrushed portrait of someone royal and prestigious, then it begs the question; is AI art so lifeless because we’re such dreadful, unoriginal and demanding commissioners? Meaning that the current soulless state of AI art is the fault of the people behind the algorithms, too. “I think what makes art good isn't that a human physically made it, but rather the idea that made it happen,” says Cros.

 Abstract art is a purely Western tradition 

Odili Donald Odita challenges the long-held belief that abstract art began with Paul Cézanne, and that it is a purely Western tradition in which Pablo Picasso’s appropriation of African art played an important role. This is the tradition with which most abstract artists align themselves. In this narrative of art history, Europe is at the center and the rest of the world is on the margins. Starting in the 1940s, American artists and critics helped shift the center to New York. And critics such as Clement Greenberg, Donald Judd, and Rosalind Krauss helped to strengthen this perception.Thankfully, not everyone agrees with this.Odili Donald Odita, "Time and Space"
(all images © Odili Donald Odita, courtesy the artist and Jack Shainman Gallery, New York)

The world of interior design 

Numerous interior designers have remained silent in the face of calls for a more fair representation and diverse industry.Kgomotso Malope, founder and creative director of MoTSO DeSIGNED Interiors, has addressed the need for African designers who represent the modern African aesthetic.Established in 2016, the interior design company specialises in African-inspired interior design.MoTSO DeSIGNED Interiors provides interior design services in residencies, corporations and the hospitality industry.

 When the Roman Empire was African 

  A deeply absorbing exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, however, shows us how circumscribed in time and geography our sense of that empire is, especially if our identity is linked to the western half of the Roman world. “Africa & Byzantium” shifts the focus to the east and south of Rome, to the empire dominated by the eastern capital of Byzantium, and its links to Africa. With its African provinces a vital source of food, intellectual foment and artistic production, the eastern empire lasted in a coherent form for centuries after 476, the date commonly given for the fall of the western Roman Empire.