About us

­We at thesalon are dedicated artists, our services are to provide our  clients, customers, artists and art with the best service assistance  that they need.  our work is to create and sell work from our workshop that  has been made to client and customer specifications by  our finest and talented  artists who make quality works that are rich in style, creativity  and functionality. Our aim is to keep you up dated with the latest news in the art world and inform you about forthcoming events such as exhibitions, shows and news other art related functions while making sure that you are updated frequently. Thesalon is designed specially for those who enjoy and participate in all form of art and design. We carefully observe the works that we have and make it available to everybody around the world to view and appreciate. All artists should make their work available to all who enjoy the study and natural beauty of the arts. New talented artists who wish to show their special talents are also invited to share their skills with us as we travel and explore the different art cultures of the world. we can assist you with our services were we provide design graphics design layouts, help you buy the best art prints, request any type of art work to be done for you by our artists and use our architectural services. Here at we are people of art, we wish to help and assist all artist to find what they want when they need it.