Ruby Onyinyechi Amanze- there are even moonbeams we can unfold

19 MAY 2018 - 16 JUNE 2018

The world within the drawings, alludes to a non- specific, boundaryless place and time. Instead, there is a sense of exemption, as detached characters float in a vast timeless expanse. Existing somewhere between constructed reality, fantasy, memory and imagination, these distinct beings find authenticity, wholeness and freedom in their ability to equally belong nowhere and everywhere. With a background in textiles, photography and printmaking, amanze’s current practice is deeply centered in her first love, drawing. There is an ephemeral quality to her drawing and she delights in the materiality of her medium (mainly, paper, graphite ink and photo transfers). Seen in the gallery, her organic forms, hybrid anatomies, and graphic patterns coalesce in capricious narratives that no digital reproduction can match. .

Aargauer Kunsthaus


 Series of Exhibitions of Young Art

5 May 2018 – 30 Sep 2018

The CARAVAN – Series of Exhibitions of Young Art offers the public the chance to meet the young Swiss art scene, and the opportunity to discover artistic practices that have not yet been established. The name says it: several times a year, artists are given different rooms of the museum to work with. These ‘mobile interventions’ engage in a dialogue with the architecture, the collection, and the programme of the Kunsthaus. The round-numbered birthday is being duly celebrated with On the Road. 10 years of the CARAVAN — Series of Exhibitions of Young Art. Ten promising young artists from all over Switzerland are invited to develop new works and locate them in selected places in the Kunsthaus. Apart from the exhibition rooms, less obvious places are involved, and the tour is extended into the surrounding area.

Kunstmuseum Basel



5 May 2018 - 9 September 2018

Die Ausstellung setzt Werke der Künstlerinnen Martha Rosler (1943, New York, lebt in Brooklyn NY) und Hito Steyerl (1966, München, lebt in Berlin) in einen Dialog zueinander, der die inhaltlichen und medialen Schnittmengen beider Positionen hervorhebt und reflektiert. Im Falle beider Künstlerinnen handelt es sich um die erste Museumsausstellung in der Schweiz, und ihr Werk wurde bislang noch nie gemeinsam ausgestellt. Dennoch liegt beiden Œuvres ein selten beharrliches und kritisches Engagement in der Auseinandersetzung mit gesellschaftspolitischen Themen zugrunde, das zu einer Fülle von Gemeinsamkeiten zwischen dem Schaffen wie auch der Haltung von Rosler und Steyerl und den von ihnen behandelten Fragen geführt hat – Fragen, die von globaler Bedeutung sind und die auf das tiefgehende, politisch-kritische Bewusstsein beider Künstlerinnen schliessen lassen. Realität wird in ihren Werken immer in Wechselwirkung mit den für das Gewebe unseres Alltags sowie unserer Identität massgeblichen audiovisuellen Medien betrachtet – inklusive deren disruptiver Effekte für das menschliche Leben. Insofern liegt es nahe, dass sowohl Rosler als auch Steyerl sich immer wieder neuer Medien für ihre Werke bedienen. Rosler arbeitet nicht nur mit Fotografie und Collagen, sondern bereits sehr früh auch mit Video, das sie nutzt, um feministische Inhalte zu transportieren und den durch das Fernsehen und Magazine vermittelten Mythen andere Bilder von Frauen und modernem Alltag entgegen zu halten. Neben Fotografie, Fotocollagen sowie Aktions- und Projektformaten hat sie sich in jüngster Zeit vermehrt mit Social Media wie auch mit Drohnen beschäftigt. Steyerls neuere, teils computeranimierte Videoinstallationen – deren Ästhetik stark durch die auf Internet-Plattformen wie YouTube zu rezipierenden Bildwelten beeinflusst sind – gehören zum Avanciertesten, was in der Bildenden Kunst in diesem Medium zu sehen ist.

Folkwang Museum

LUIGI GHIRRI Map and Territory

4 May2018 –22 July 2018

>The Italian photographer Luigi Ghirri (1943–1992) was one of the pioneers of colour photography in Europe. The exhibition Map and Territory is the first comprehensive survey of Ghirri’s conceptual approach to be presented in Germany. His work, which is characterized by an acute sense of irony, focuses on the relationship between people and their natural and artificial environments. Ghirri’s range of motifs includes landscapes, still lifes, and architectural themes and is closely connected with the conceptual art of the 1970s. The exhibition is a co-production with the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid, and the Galerie nationale du Jeu de Paume, Paris.

Kunstverein Hamburg


1 May 2018 - 31 May 2018

In spring and fall of 2018, the Kunstverein in Hamburg will feature a number of short interventions engaging with performance as a possibility to purposefully manipulate the experience. While the formulation “alternative facts” has recently been elected ugliest word of the year 2017, philosophy has been aware since the Enlightenment at the latest that the actual value of “truth” lies in the productive argument about it—under the condition that all participants agree on the space of negotiation. Against the background of the current debate on so-called post-truth and its entry into day-to-day politics and the press, the project celebrates the potential of the arts to envision fictions and alternative conceptual spaces. For it is precisely these shifts in our perspective and the expansion of our horizon of experience, that make up the special attraction of art, or, as the band Tocotronic, fomed in Hamburg, put it in a nutshell: “Pure reason must never win. We sorely need new lies to guide us through the universe.” On several evenings, themes such as body, identity, history, language, and science will be highlighted in regard to their forms of possibility and their potential to deconstruct and destabilize alleged facticity. A special focus will be placed on gauging the way music and singing, as the most emotional but also the most manipulative forms of communication, are used as transformative means.


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